Construction and Project Management

DCS Provides Staffing for:
Documents Control
Small/Disadvantaged/County Business Enterprise Coordination
Contract Administration
Construction Inspections
We also provide administrative support for budgeting, planning, management and purchasing.

Government Relations

DCS provides guidance on development of effective partnerships and achieving collective objectives, working closely with administrators and elected officials to create, implement and promote projects

Our firm performs liaison services on behalf of government officials by creating partnerships with the community, businesses and policymakers, before implementing proposed initiatives.


Public Involvement

DCS organizes public involvement and public relations programming with various community businesses and civic groups, as well as public officials.

We subcontract with firms working on water and sewer installation and transportation projects to thoroughly inform the public during these community revitalization improvements.

Broward B-cycle Launch

Business To Consumer

DCS provides public outreach, media relations, database management, social media marketing, and event coordination services for privetly held companies.

We can provide the staffing and expertise needed to facilitate and coordinate company objectives to meet the most demanding goals.


Economic Development and Community Revitalization

DCS provides business retention, expansion and recruitment assistance to public and private agencies. Our organization coordinates economic/market studies and master plans for businesses and governments.

Our firm coordinates initiatives for economic and social policy issues and facilitates involvement in projects to ensure maximum return on investments for the community.



Commercial and Housing

DCS and its associates negotiate financing and construction of neighborhood commercial buildings. We plan and coordinate the construction of single family homes for purchase by low to moderate income persons.


Focus Groups and Strategic Planning

DCS develops strategic plans for public and private projects. Our firm will conduct and facilitate focus groups or stakeholder interviews to obtain input for specific projects. We collect, analyze and provide data for projects.


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